Getting To Know The TemPac Team

TemPac, LLC was started in 2000 to meet the needs of customers’ various packaging needs. Dave Temming built the company on his reputation for packaging experience, attention to detail, financial responsibility, and telling a good joke!

The Advantage Of Working With TemPac

TemPac offers products and services to a vast range of businesses that are in need of product labels, promotional labeling, and custom packaging, along with, the equipment to thermally print and apply the labels. Tamper Evident banding in the standard colors or custom bands can be purchased through TemPac—seamless ordering for your product needs. Need labeling application equipment? Call Dave! He has been involved with many labeling application equipment projects and can help you get your new line going, or older product line moving more efficiently.

You will find that TemPac takes a very hands-on approach with all of its customers. Our experience and dedication allow us to be proactive with your anticipated needs, while our ability to quickly manufacture, gives us the unparalleled ability to respond when you need us.

Your TemPac team will follow your project through, from beginning to end, while communicating with you on its status. You need a partner that is supportive of your needs, before, during, and after any sale of labels or equipment. Look no further. This is who we are, and what we will do for you!

The TemPac Team

TemPac’s core group is comprised of Dave Temming, Heidi Temming, Robin Bacopoulos, Katie Lavery, Wendy Terwillger, and Anthony Bacopoulos. A committed team of business combined with art, ensuring the best possible results for you, the customer.

Dave Temming

-Owner and Founder-

Email: [email protected]

Dave Temming is a graduate of Xavier University and has over thirty years of labeling and packaging experience, including glass containers, injection/blow molding, container decorating, tamper-evident banding, and labeling application equipment. This extensive label and packaging experience allows Dave to offer you the excellence that you deserve!

Heidi Temming

-Admin and Accounting-

Email: [email protected]

Heidi Temming is a graduate of Oakland University and the University of Michigan in Education, Organizational Communications, and Counseling, which helps when working with Dave. The past ten years of working beside Dave and attending many meat association conventions have helped her become a natural asset to TemPac.

Robin Bacopoulos

-Sales and Marketing-

Email: [email protected]

Robin Bacopoulos is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati and brings over fifteen years of sales and marketing experience. Robin’s focus is to provide you with exceptional service while guiding you through your label journey.


Katie Dalpra

-Customer Service-

Email: [email protected]

Katie is currently attending Kent State University, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Communication. In her free time, she enjoys shopping, baking, and spending time with her 2 Labrador Retrievers. Having 3 years’ experience in the packaging industry, Katie understands the importance of detail when it comes to both packaging and labels. She will be happy to assist you in every part of your label journey. Katie has a strong passion for customer service. Her knowledge of improving processes to meet customer needs is something that will make her a key member of the TemPac Team!


Wendy Terwillger

-Graphic Designer-

Email: [email protected]

Wendy Terwillger is our talented graphic designer. She is a graduate of Miami University in Art and a Graphic Communication degree from Cincinnati State. For over twenty years, she has been in the printing and packaging industry. Wendy has extensive knowledge of all Adobe Creative Suite software.


Terrie Hofmann

-Office Administrator-

Email: [email protected]

Terrie is our office administrator with over 20 years of office experience. You name it and Terrie can do it! She has over 20 years of package manufacturing experience from shipping to the Executive Assistant to the President. Terrie has HR skills, has trained others in her past positions in various software, ERP systems and databases and has supervised office personnel. She also brings to the table marketing knowledge and loves a challenge. Her attitude in life is CAN DO! Terrie loves animals and has 3 rescue dogs. On the weekends you can find her working in the yard and gardening.

Anthony Bacopoulos


Email: [email protected]

Anthony Bacopoulos is our IT specialist who designed this website and also does marketing for us. He is also our video producer and brings various other technology ideas to our business.


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